Safe and Sustainable Construction Assignment 1



To conduct an analysis of workplace health and safety issues by undertaking a construction project as a case study.

Brief Description

The  purpose of this individual task is to provide a better understanding of  workplace health and safety issues and strategies to achieve zero  accidents in construction projects. Using a case study of a selected  construction project (either an actual project or a project from the  literature), you are expected to analyse causes of accidents, identify  health and safety issues, and develop countermeasures to enhance safety  and prevent accidents in construction sites. Students are also expected  to conduct a literature review on workplace health and safety in  construction. Along with the case study, conducting a literature review  will enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject and  help to develop a more comprehensive list of issues and countermeasures.

Case Study Identification

Each  student needs to identify a suitable and real construction project as a  case study. The project can be an ongoing project or completed one. The  project can be a building project, infrastructure project, or any other  type of construction projects. Students should have a reasonable level  of access to the case study so they will be able to collect sufficient  information to complete the requirements of this assignment. Example of  materials students have to have access to include, but not limited to:

• Project overview

• Project design and drawings

• Specifications and construction method

• Site layout plan

• Work health and safety plans and documents (if any)

Students  who have difficulty to find a suitable construction project may use a  hypothetical case study or use extensive literature review instead. The  literature review should cover different and high-quality journal papers  to answer the assignment requirements.


• Explain health and safety issues in the construction site (from the case study or literature review).

•  Identify construction injuries, hazards and risks that may occur during  construction stage (from the case study or literature review).

•  Propose a classification of injuries and hazards in construction sites  (e.g. based on causes, based on building components, etc.).

• Develop a method to manage injuries and hazards (controlling, prevention, and minimization).


Report  Format: A formal written report prepared in PDF format or any other  accepted format for similarity check and evaluation. The report includes  the following components:

• Introduction (background and definition of main concepts).

• Overview of the project (if the literature review is used then replace this with an extensive background of the topic).

• Health and safety issues identification.

• Classification of issues.

• Countermeasures (management/control) of issues.